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At-Home Assignments

3-4 Grade Reading Articles

Coversheet for Grade 3-4 Band

The Peanut Man

Rescue of the Tin Woodman

Rock Secrets

The Champion of Quiet

What a Pro Knows About Playing to Win

5-6 Grade Reading Articles

Coversheet for Grade 5-6 Band 

What Do Fish Have to Do With Anthing

  The Fisherman and His Wife

  Soccer Speaks Many Languages

  Diary of a Refugee

  Can't We all Just Get Along 

7-8 Grade Reading Articles

  Coversheet for Grade 7-8 Band

Rosie the Riveter

 Teenage Inventor Alexis Lewis Thinks Kids Have the Solutions to the World's Problems

  Gift of the Magi

  Five Reasons

  Can We Cultivate Our Own Happiness 


 Math At Home Resourcces

Below are the instructions for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade English at Moorhead Central for distance learning.  

A)    Students have 10 teacher-assigned assignments on iReady, in addition to their normal iReady lessons.
1. Log on to iReady using your student ID and password. 
2. Complete the 10 assigned lessons. 
3. The assignments are due by 5/22.
4. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 
B)    Students must also complete a reading project.
1. Click on the Reading Packet Guidelines for instructions. 
2. If your child does not already have a book checked out from Ms. Blossom’s library or the school library, a list of resources is included in the
Reading Packet Guidelines.
3. The reading project is due by 5/22.
4. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 
C)   Here are some extra ELA resources for kids to explore on their own with many websites offering free learning programs, videos, projects, worksheets, etc.

How to get to Ms. Bounds second grade assignments:

  1. Have students go to
  2. Students enter access code: N7AGW2
  3. Default password - 1234
  4. Students can change password once logged in

 How to get to Ms.McGee's second grade assignments:

1. Have students go to: 
2. Students enter access code: H7WKGS 3. Password: 1234 Students can change password once logged in

Hello Moorhead Central Family:                                     

I pray that everyone is doing well during this unprecedented time in our country’s history. Since the inception of The Moorhead Central, we have made great progress working together. It is our goal to continue making advancements in our education system, while ensuring that our students, staff, and families are safe during this challenging time. In our efforts to make sure that our students continue to be engaged and to increase student achievement in our district, teachers have created assignments on one of our software programs, iReady, in ELA, math and science content areas. We have also added additional educational sources on our websites that can support parents and students through this journey.

To support homes that may not have internet or access to computers/smartphones, we have created educational activity packets. These packets may be picked up on the campus of The Moorhead Central during the times that lunch is being provided to students. Our district is complying with Federal guidelines for COVID 19 responses. Please feel free to contact me on my cell phone at 662-207-8037 or you may email any questions to

I want to encourage you all by simply saying, “With the help of our Almighty, as well as working together, there is an exit on the other side and we will get through this.” Please stay safe and let our students know that we miss them dearly. May God bless SCCSD and the United States of America. Thank you.

Educationally yours,

Mr. Glen Newson, Principal